Wednesday, September 21, 2011

simply, what????

wikipedia has separate entries for hindustan and india.

hindustan, is just hindustan... it is self-referential; india is the 'republic of india'. india is in hindi is apparently known as bharat, and is described as a 'country in south asia'. but hindustan, the wiki entry says, 'is one of the popular names of south asia'. just what the hell does that mean?

in what seems to be an attempt at clarifying this absurd description, the wiki entry says that the term hindustan used to refer to the 'land of the river sindhu'; it could also mean the 'land of the hindus'; but, the wiki-entry description concludes, that post-partition, hindustan refers to the republic of india.

yea? well then why didn't they say so in the first place, you wonder? it obviously doesn't refer to the 'republic of india', duh!

now, i would've wondered some years back as to why then the nationalists wouldn't be pleased to call india 'HINDUstan'... but of course, its all too corrupt... what with it being named by the eternal invaders...

but, wait! what is this? is it possible that some ancient or perhaps not-so ancient 'hindu' text mentions the word 'Hindustan'??

hmm... the plot gets thicker..

the wiki entry cites some 'bhaarhaspatyua samhita' [god alone knows how many 20th century ancient texts have been invented] which mentions among other things, the words 'hindusthanam prachakshate'... this citation has a footnoted reference to a vishwa hindu parishad document dated 2003 titled 'voice of hindus in north america'.


a vhp document as a reference footnote in wikipedia... the mind is truly boggled!

anyway, back to hindustan... 

so perhaps, what they're saying is, that they could call it 'hindusthan' if they wanted to... since obviously its cited in some text... but then, why bother with all the explanations and citations, when you can just dismiss it as being named from 'outside'... not just by the muslim 'invaders' but conveniently the colonial ones as well... [who can forget the hilarious 'hindoostan']..

and mind you, notice the extra 'h' in the hindu text version of 'hindustHan'. it becomes Hindu Sthan... sthan or place in sanskrit. not the -stan of persian which means place where one stays/ homeland.

who was the idiot that said 'whats in a name?' a fucking alphabet has changed many worlds.

do we dare add a third name to this mix? yes, lets... 


the wiki entry for bharat cautiously begins by mentioning: Bharat, Bharata, Bhārat, or Bhārata may be a transliteration of either Bharata (Sanskrit: भरत, lit. "to be maintained") or Bhārata (Sanskrit: भारत, lit. "descended from Bharata")...

and then the entry mentions... that it may also refer to: 

India (Bhārata)

  • Bhārata, the self-ascribed Sanskrit name for the Indian subcontinent
  • Bhārat Gaṇarājya or simply "Bharat", the alternative name for the Republic of India - per Article 1(1) of the Constitution of India
  • Bharata Mata (Mother India), the national personification of India as a mother goddess
now i'm dumbfounded....

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